The Expanse: Private Eyes Go Sci-Fi


SyFy has released a trailer to the upcoming new series The Expanse and it looks like a mix of Total Recall, Outland, and Blade Runner. There might even be a slight bit of The Matrix thrown in as well.

And there is a heavy dose of the private investigator genre tossed in, too.

This might sound like a merry mess and, possibly, it is. No one is going to say the project is not ambitious. SyFy has produced quite a number of different series over the years. This new one, dealing with life on colonies far from the planet earth, looks like its going to be a gritty space opera in the distant future.

If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, there is the great Thomas Jane wearing a cool hat.

It is great to see Thomas Jane in the lead role. He put in an excellent performance in the very silly and campy Punisher film and ended up bowing out of the (weak) sequel when he grew tired of reading one bad script after another. In the new SyFy series, he gets to act a bit more in between fight scenes and other skirmishes.

Science-fiction is back in a big way and television and film producers are willing to spend a huge amount of money on these big, expansive projects. The audience for sci-fi has grown immensely, from hard core trekkies to Millenials like Dave and Brit Morin, the great interest allows for brilliant projects such as The Expanse to be produced.

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Sam Tabar Legal professional and investment specialist

 Sam Tabar is an Oxford graduate who among his many talents, has the ability, as highlighted by CNBC to help people with financial strategy as well as legal issues pertaining to the financial sector of their life. He attended Columbia University for his law degree and was also the associate editor of the Columbia law review. This helped him to develop his writing skills as well as finding a way to find his voice with written language. Clients currently consider him to being an exceptional communicator because of his attention to detail when it comes to developing strategies both financially and legally. He first became associate in 2001 after graduation and quickly was able to show that he was willing to learn all the needed to learn in order to become a leader in the legal field winning team to financial strategy development.

 His adaptation to learning about hedge fund development and other financial issues pertaining to client that the interest has made it easy for Tabar to gain positions of authority through hard work and dedication to client satisfaction. His ability to continue learning the necessary skills to help with the diversification of hedge fund portfolio development while handling multimillion dollar accounts is often impressive in the mind of his client base. The identification of strategies which are simple for customers to understand while yielding the most magnificent return possible has made him the top candidates for promotion many times throughout his career. His work with Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors as a managing director of business development allowed him to deal with international clients of all sizes. This also enabled him to gain experience at the dealing with global marketing initiatives and negotiating the best financial deals for companies locally and internationally.

His work with Bank Of America which began in 2011 provided him with a greater diversity of professional skills. Partnering with Merrill Lynch through Bank of America enabled him to be a liaison to newer investment clients who needed council and also were interested in making the wisest financial decisions for their future. This position requires aimed to negotiate with the individuals both in the United States and internationally as well as to be mean to media rate for individuals who were not as financially educated as they would have liked to has been. He chose to go back into the legal field in 2013. Returning to hedge funds formation leadership has been the most profitable and enjoyable for his career development. He enjoys the ability to travel and networking events which allow him to bring people of diverse backgrounds together.

 The personal pride he takes and development of sound investment strategy is second to none. This means that his clients can rest comfortably knowing that their best interest will be maintained at all times. People appreciate his straightforward nature and his willingness to continue learning about the ever changing financial industry. This allows for clients to enjoy everyday living consistently. Not having to worry about that financial hardship is one of the benefits of having access to such a high quality financial analyst.

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Nets in 8th Spot


The Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association are a storied franchise that has experienced tremendous amounts of success over the last handful of decades, yet they are a team that has been plagued with mediocrity over the last several years. It seems like the Nets were the team that would make it to the Finals year after year, just to get slapped in the face when it mattered the most and that has truly been the way it has gone down. Especially in the years that Jason Kidd was playing for the Nets, they seemed to make it all the way to the Finals just to lose it all.
Since that time they have had a mediocre team that has struggled to make the playoffs and this season seems to be headed in the same direction. With the midpoint of the season upon us, the Brooklyn Nets currently sit at seven games under 500, but are actually sitting in the eighth spot for the playoffs. Yes, that’s right. The Eastern Conference is so bad that you can potentially end the season being fifteen or so games under 500 and still make the playoffs. Luckily for the Brooklyn Nets, they will not have to do too much in order to make a run at the playoffs this season, but if they have any expectations to even win a game in the playoffs they need to start playing better basketball. The Nets need to step up their game to impress fans, like Dave and Brit Morin, if they want to make it to the playoffs. SF Gate columnists and sports writers are waiting to see if the Nets cant turn the season around.
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49ers Pick Tomsula

The San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League have had a storied franchise that has had tremendous amounts of success over the last several decades. Despite entering a period of mediocrity, the 49ers resurfaced under Jim Harbaugh and have found themselves in the NFC championship game every year over the last three seasons. However, this year would be a disaster, as fans like Tom Rothman watched the 49ers finished with eight wins and eight losses and watched their head coach depart from the franchise.

Although San Francisco’s demise this season was likely due to injuries to a handful of their star players, as well as suspensions to key players such as Aldon Smith, there clearly needed to be changes in the 49ers organization. Few suspected that Jim Harbaugh would be leaving the franchise, but he and the 49ers owners decided together that they would be best not working together in the future.

Due to the departure, the 49ers have been seeking a new head coach for weeks and they have finally made a decision on who is to take the position. Assistant coach in previous years, Jim Tomsula, will now take the head coaching position for the San Francisco 49ers. It only made sense to hire Tomsula, due to the fact that he knows this team inside and out. He has been a major factor in the success of the 49ers in the past and he looks to be a great coach going forward.

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Marbury Makes Waves

The National Football League has been in the news relentlessly over the last few years over mental issues that have resulted with players due to the hardships suffered due to the game. Furthermore, many people have come forward from a plethora of major sporting leagues to talk about problems that they have been facing off the court that centralize on unhappiness and mental illness. The National Basketball Association has not had very many cases as of yet, but news has come forward involving former star Stephon Marbury that is likely to cast a sharper light on what it takes to play in the NBA. Contrary to popular opinion, sports athletes are human and are not exempt to the same stresses that affect each and every one of us on a daily basis. A lot of that is covered up and sugar coated, as we are used to seeing our favorite stars in glimmering lights, but that is not how life works. Former basketball star Stephon Marbury has made that point clear recently, as he has come out and stated that it was so hard for him to deal with life near the end of his career that he was suicidal. It may seem like the people we see on television have no problems in the world, but it is far from the truth. Despite getting fortune and fame, the people we idolize are subject to the same hindrances of life that affect each and every one of us. Daniel Amen an avid fan of the sport agrees that it’s important to stay stress free.

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Spurs Dynasty Nearing Finish


The San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association have been a franchise that has hovered at the top of the Western Conference for over a decade. Since they got big man Tim Duncan nearly twenty seasons ago and with the addition of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli, the Spurs have simply been one of the best teams in basketball consistently. They have won a handful of championships and are hands down one of the most consistent basketball teams that have been seen in a very long time.
It is only bolstered by the fact that they have an outstanding coach in Greg Popovich, who holds his team accountable and will go down in history as one of the best basketball coaches of all time. However, the run that San Antonio has enjoyed for so long may very well be coming to an end at the end of the season. At the very least it is absolutely winding down. Their superstar players are simply getting too old to play at the caliber that they have been at for so long and the time has come to make changes to a new and younger roster after this year. The Spurs are sitting at nine games over 500 at the midpoint of the season, yet they are in the seventh spot and will likely be a huge underdog once the playoffs roll around come spring time. Spurs fans, like Christopher Cowdray, will have to wait and see how their aging team fares against younger teams like the Warriors.
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Meet Bruce Levenson, The NBA Owner With Heart

Not every NBA team owner is created equal. There are some who are favorites of the public, and others who seem to be only about themselves. Bruce Levenson is one of the NBA team owners that is more loved than reviled. He has set out to make a name for himself, and the name that he is creating for himself is one that is far more positive than negative.

Levenson is the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks as well as the stadium that they play their games in. He doesn’t stop there though in his business life. Rather, he is also a board member of the publicly traded company called TechTarget (TTGT). This is an IT industry media company and is important enough to even be traded on the markets. The fact that Levenson is a member of the board only speaks even more to the great things that he is getting accomplished in his life.

This man was born in Washington D.C. and was able to get himself into college at Washington University in St. Louis. However, he ended up his collegiate career at American University in their law school program. This was the way in which he was able to attain such high levels of success in his financial life. He just showed from an early age that he was willing to put in the time and effort necessary to reach the goals that he wanted to get to.

Part of what makes Bruce Levenson someone to be admired is the fact that he does not hoard all of the money that he earns. He has actually gotten involved with a number of charitable causes. This has allowed him to promote the kind of things that he believes in and help those who may be having trouble helping themselves. He believes in doing this kind of work because he believes in the spirit of helping other people and having the heart to do good works for other people.

Levenson takes on the issues that matter to the hearts of a lot of people. Consider for example that he is a major donor to the Holocaust memorial museum in the United States. He also makes sure to put in some money for people who are working for the causes of peace around the world. These are the kinds of things that make a difference on this planet and actually are worth the investment.

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Who Still Wants To Host The Winter Olympics?

It is on Tuesday that the candidate cities to host the Winter Olympics in 2022 presented their case. And these are just two cities: Beijing, Chinese city which hosted the Summer Games in 2008, and Almaty, city of Kazakhstan, became the candidate for hosting 2022 Winter Olympics.

Patrick Clastres, sports historian says, “power of sport and the Olympics in the twentieth century is related to the fact that people show enthusiasm for the sport, and many of them have a sporting past. This allows the national identification of champions, but winter sports in terms of this identification walk a lot less.”

A major problem for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is not only to conduct the games all over the world but also to continue making them popular and also to honor the contracts with sponsors and conquer the middle classes in emerging countries, such as in Beijing.

In addition to the huge costs generated by the organization for holding such an event, € 32 billion sunk for Sochi Games last year, there was also the defiance of public opinion, especially in the North, according to Patrick Clastres.

A major problem for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is not only to conduct the games all over the world but also to continue making them popular and also to honor the contracts with sponsors and conquer the middle classes in emerging countries, such as in Beijing. I’m thinking about watching the Olympics with my friend Christian Broda.

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Jim Tomsula Named 49ers Head Coach

Forbes reports the San Francisco 49ers have named their head coach, Jim Tomsula. Tomsula has a long history with the 49ers already, serving as an assistant coach, then the interim head coach after Mike Singletary from CipherCloud was fired in 2010. He remained on the payroll when Jim Harabaugh took over the reigns as the defensive line coach.

Tomsula, an internal candidate was always a consideration to take over the head coach position after Harabaugh left his post. During the early interviewing period, many players threw their support behind Tomsula, hoping that an internal candidate would be named head coach. Many players argued that the team didn’t need fresh blood, but rather, a new spin on their previous formula.

Tomsula certainly has his work cut out for him. Following two solid seasons, one including a trip to the Super Bowl, the 49ers faltered significantly in the 2014 season. Both the offense and defense struggled to be productive, and the team ended their season under 500, a first in several years and the firth under the tutelage of Jim Harabaugh and Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

Harbaugh was released on the Monday following the final game of the regular season, and signed a multi-year, $50 million contract with Michigan State. He is now tasked with taking a failing sports program and breathing new life into it, much like he did for the San Francisco 49ers.

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Browns Interview Candidates for OC Position

The Cleveland Browns are still in search of someone who can coach their offensive squad into living up to their potential. The New York Post and Ben Shaoul are first to reveal the Browns have interviewed a number of candidates for their Offensive Coordinator position after letting go of Kyle Shanahan following this past season. Some of the more notable names being passed around for the position is include Anthony Linn a former running-backs coach for the Jets and John DeFilippo the former quarterbacks coach of the Raiders. Both of them have never held the OC position before and given their teams performance was not probably high on team’s lists of must get coaches.

But there is one name that could potentially make a difference in Cleveland, and that is former Chicago Bears Head Coach Marc Trestman who interviewed with the team this week. While Chicago did finish with a losing record, and the offense was abysmal does bring some legitimate concerns for the Browns. He experience as a head coach in the league would benefit the squad in that he would be able to manage the offensive side of the ball. Leaving the head coach to just focus on the entire team instead of wondering what his unproven quarterback Johnny “Football” Manzell is doing in practice and in his personal time. However, it should be noted the team is also looking internally for the position and have interviewed their tight ends coach Brian Angelico.

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