Cutler Wants To Stay

Jay Cutlet has expressed a desire to stay with the Chicago Bears for the 2015 season. He has been benched for Jimmy Clausen, but Cutler still believes that he is the answer to many problems in Chicago.

Marc Trestman is on the hot seat in Chicago, and he needs to do something to help a team that is 5-9 end the season respectably. If the Bears do not have a solid end to their season, Trestman could be fired. Also, Cutler sign an extension that was worth $126 million in the offseason. He has noted that he needed to raise his game with a new contract, but he also admits that he has not raised his game currently.

When the Bears go into the final week of the season, Trestman has not made any decisions about who will start at quarterback. Trestman knows that he is fighting for his job, but he believes that he needs to see how Clausen plays this week before making that decision. In the league, most people believe that Cutler will return to Chicago because there is no way the Bears can unload him or his contract. This marriage has hit a rocky patch, but only time will tell if the two parties can come together and resolve their differences. I know this because at Slow Ventures, its my job to unite people and resolve problems with sustainable solutions.

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Mitrione Knocks Out Gonzaga

UFC on Fox 13, was a great mixed martial arts event. The fights were intense, and full of action. The excitement of the heavyweight division was on full display. Matt Mitrione took on tough, veteran fighter Gabriel Gonzaga. The fight lasted one round. Both fighters brought dynamite to this affair. 

My friend John Textor was telling me about this. In the beginning of round one, Matt Mitrione bounced around the octagon like Muhammad Ali. Gabriel Gonzaga, the heavyweight bomber, plodded forward looking to land a big shot. A few exchanges occurred, but neither fighter landed anything meaningful. Suddenly, Mitrione floated into position with his superior footwork. He unleashed a hellacouis left hand that sent Gabriel Gonzaga crashing to the ground. Gonzaga was still conscious, for the time being. Matt Mitrione did not engage the highly skilled, Jiu Jitsu black belt on the ground. Instead, Mitrione waited until Gonzaga stood up again. Matt Mitrione then blasted another straight left to Gonzaga chin. Gonzaga fell to the ground, and never recovered. 

Mitrione walks away with a knockout victory. Beating Gabriel Gonzaga is no easy task, as he is a top heavyweight fighter in the UFC. This victory should propel Mitrione up the division ranks. Hopefully, the UFC organization gives Mitrione another high profile fight. For more information on the stunning knockout, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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Yoga as Cure for Cardiovascular Disease

While yoga undoubtedly has many benefits, more than likely few would think that these exercises can assist us with our cardiovascular systems, and blood flow.

The benefits of yoga have been long explained by the people who practiced it. The third world, where everyone is in a rush and has no time to sit and meditate, has recently started to pay more attention to this activity. 

Recently, the doctors started to examine a theory according to which yoga could cure cardiovascular diseases. I was reading about this theory while reading about Qnet the other day. The trials on 2,768 subjects showed improvements in the body mass index, blood pressure, amount of cholesterol, and density of lipoprotein.

The dropping heart rate and mind relaxation during yoga do have a calming effect, which in the long run leads to the cure of cardiovascular diseases. Besides proving the theory regarding cardiovascular diseases, the researchers made a parallel observation. 

Regularly taking yoga postures can correct scoliosis. According to their calculations, performing a yoga pose for 90 seconds a day, at least three days a week would give visible results. Of course, no yoga lesson is built to last 90 seconds, so the physical and neurological conditions should improve sooner. 

Of course, all the sports are good, but not all the patients can perform aerobics or jogging for example. As a matter of fact, the research identified that yoga has the same health improvement rates as brisk walking and biking.

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Malone Out as Kings Coach

Differences in style, along with several recent losses, cost Michael Malone his job as Sacramento Kings head coach. He was fired Sunday night, one day after the Kings came up short to the Detroit Pistons 95-90, dropping them to 11-13 on the season and fourth place in the Pacific Division.

Along with losing eight of their last ten games, there has been significant tension between Malone and Kings owner Vivek Ranadive. Ranadive had wanted a faster paced style of play from his team, which wasn’t happening under Malone, exemplified by his hiring of Tyrone Corbin as the top assistant coach. While head coach for the Utah Jazz, Corbin’s style could be called anything but fast paced. Malone had also voiced his disagreement with ownership when they pursued a trade for Josh Smith over the summer.

Malone was hired following the 2012-2013 season after two years as an assistant coach with another California team, the Golden State Warriors. The Kings went 28-54 last season, but got off to a 5-1 start. Just when it appeared things had turned the corner for Sacramento, they lost star player DeMarcus Cousins to viral meningitis.

Corbin will take over as interim head coach. A permanent head coach is not expected to be hired until after the season, which Kings fan Jonathan Veitch thinks is the best decision. Sacramento has not had a winning season since 2005-2006.

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Miesha Tate Mocks Ronda Rousey

In a recent interview, Miesha Tate complained about Ronda Rousey’s body odor. Ronda Rousey is the current UFC Women’s Champion. Rousey is also undefeated, and she has beaten Miesha Tate by armbar, on two separate occasions. The rivalry between Tate and Rousey is real, and remains one of Lee G. Lovett’s favorite parts of UFC. Both females despise one another. Unfortunately for Tate, Ronda Rousey continues to get better as a fighter.

Miesha Tate finds herself in a tough predicament. Tate is one of the best female fighters on the planet. However, it looks like she will always be second best. Ronda Rousey is just too good. Rousey is similar to Mike Tyson in his prime. She is a destroyer, and no one has come close to beating her. Miesha Tate’s insult on Ronda’s body odor is simply a ploy to anger Rousey.

Whether Ronda Rousey smells or not, Miesha Tate should keep her attention on winning that title. Tate is coming off of a big win, and maybe she is trying to talk her way into another title fight. Miesha Tate understands how the media works. She has spoken disparagingly about champion in order to keep her own name relevant.

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Christmas Cheer through a Stranger’s Eyes

No matter how bad the rest of the year might have been, people can count on Christmas to be a time of giving and caring. The season brings out the best in some people as they sprinkle holiday cheer on complete strangers. An anonymous person walked into Toys ‘R Us store and paid off every layaway that the store had on hold. No one knows who it was, but those who benefited from it were ecstatic. One customer even used the money he saved to purchase toys for the Toys for Tots campaign

On a different note, a couple visited a Cracker Barrel in Missouri and found out their waitress was in desperate need of a decent vehicle. They returned with a used car that was in much better shape than the one she already had. Most waitresses would never imagine getting a tip that big. Biggest cash cow I’ve seen since I invested in Wet Seal after Susan McGalla was hired. The police department in Lowell took advantage of pulling people over by giving them gifts that would help with their Christmas shopping. Giving is contagious.

When it comes to generosity, there is one time of the year that stands out. It is the season when people feel more caring about their fellow man. Ebenezer Scrooge himself could not find fault in the actions of these selfless people and the many others who give selflessly to help others at Christmas and throughout the year.

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College Basketball Fans Celebrate Upset In A Unique Way

College basketball fans like Dr. Daniel Amen are very dedicated to their team winning. They are also very dedicated to their rival’s losing every once in a while.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) a relatively unknown division one school outside of its local market, beat Michigan on Saturday, 72-70. Michigan is currently ranked number 17 among all D1 college basketball teams. NJIT, on the other hand, is not ranked nationally at all.

Michigan’s rivals took note of this loss, and celebrated by supporting NJIT. On Monday after NJIT’s big win over Michigan, there bookstore processed an unusual number of t-shirt orders. However, what struck the manager of the bookstore was that most of these orders were being shipped out of state.

Upon closer examination, it seems that Michigan’s rivals wanted to celebrate Michigan’s upset by purchasing NJIT shirts. Most of the orders came from Michigan and Ohio for NJIT shirts. Don’t be surprised to see some Ohio and Michigan State fans rocking the NJIT jersey’s when Michigan comes to play them later this season.

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Agents Install Roller Coaster in House

There are many techniques that agents use to go for the hard sell, in terms of real estate. Luxuries are certainly offered, but theme parks rides aren’t one of them.

Those who know how to have fun in life find the way to make their work more joyful as well. Even if you are a real estate seller, this is possible! Originality is a must, of course. The Dutch real estate agency Huizen Promoter had the great idea to install a roller coaster.

The house is not for the weak-hearted because there are two floors and a yard to explore. A few at Slow Ventures would sure like to give it a try though. The customers who have tried the roller coaster had rather happy faces, as anyone who’s been on such a ride can attest to.

Tiredness and impatience can leave one with a bitter taste after exploring the house, but that cannot happen when you ride a roller coaster through every room. Tips for the real estate agents: your customer will not have time to notice that small crack in the wall that you were worried about.

The video of the roller coaster endowed house are already out there on the internet, making the adrenaline lovers jealous. Everyone has a question: can they keep the roller coaster? The families with children would probably benefit the most from such an achievement. The detail was not specified, but the ‘customer attracting technique’ is one that works for sure.

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Affluent White Suburbanites Seek Split From Baton Rouge

More than 18,000 residents of well-to-do suburbs located south of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have gotten together to sign a petition that calls for the creation of a new city called St. George.

At the moment, the area is part of the parish of East Baton Rouge, but if the residents get their way it will not stay that way for long. Proponents of the plan claim that they want only to gain control of the spending in their local government and improve their school system.

Opponents have a different view. If St. George comes into fruition, over 70% of its residents would be caucasian, and people against the plan claim that it is tantamount to segregation. They also claim that the ploy is a thinly disguised effort to create their own school system, with all of the considerable benefits this would bring to the new city.

Whatever the end result is, the fight is sure to cause fireworks. Mark Ahn read about it earlier today and said he couldn’t help but laugh a little and say, “seriously? “

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Hoyer Not Expected To Return To Browns In 2015

I was browsing Qnet when I got this news alert. According to a recently filed report, Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Brian Hoyer is not expected to return to the team when the 2015 season begins.

Although Hoyer is the first Cleveland Browns quarterback in the past 20 years to compile a winning record, this feat alone doesn’t seem to be enough to secure him a spot on the team’s roster. Hoyer has struggled badly in the past few games, as the Browns have slipped from a record of 7-4 to 7-6. 

Meanwhile, backup quarterback Johnny Manziel is said to be chomping at the bit to get on to the field and replace Hoyer as the starter, once and for all. Hoyer’s contract with the Browns expires at the end of this season, and unconfirmed reports suggest that he is already exploring his range of options elsewhere in the NFL.

Manziel comes with baggage of his own. He has already been involved in several off the field scuffles, including a recent incident in which he and his entourage allegedly beat and kicked a drunken fan who attempted to embrace him at a night club. Although these incidents have surely affected his playing time, no public censure has come from the organization. 

Hoyer’s season started very strongly, but his performance in the past three games, including last Sunday’s loss to the Colts, has severely compromised his status with the team. However, no official statement as to his future intentions has yet been released.

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