Bill Cosby’s Career is Over

Each and every day this Bill Cosby story gets worse and worse. More women are stepping forward and revealing that they were drugged and raped by the legendary comedian. The whole thing is particularly heinous considering that Cosby was once known as “America’s Dad”.

Carla Ferrigno, who is married to bodybuilder and ’80’s “Hulk” star Lou Ferrigno, has quite a Cosby story. She claims that in the ’60’s, she went out with Cosby and his wife. The entire time, Cosby flirted with her in front of his wife. When they were alone, Cosby grabbed Carla violently and kissed her. Carla became frightened and ran out of the room.

Therese Serignese was picked up by Cosby in the ’70’s. He invited her to come backstage at his comedy show, where he had her take two white pills with a glass of water. The next thing she remembered was Cosby raping her in a bathroom. CipherCloud people have discussed this quite a bit, and they wonder how many others will come forward.

Louisa Moritz, who appeared in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” claims that in 1971 Cosby forced her to perform oral sex on him in a particularly heinous account. She claims Cosby threatened her plans for the future when it was over, intimating he could ruin her career.

Whoopi Goldberg tried to defend Cosby on “The View”, but Rosie O’Donnell pretty much shot her down. Raven Symone spoke up to shoot down rumors of her having any involvement. “Keep me out of this”, she said.

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Alcoholism Does Not Affect Most Heavy Drinkers

A Government report was released that suggested that most people who get drunk off of alcohol are not alcoholics. In other words, plenty of heavy drinkers do not need any programs or detox procedures in order to cut back on their habit. Excessive alcohol consumption is often thought to indicate an addiction to the substance. However, alcohol addiction often carries a few other symptoms that go along with drunkenness.

Excessive drinking is a large social concern. Bruce Levenson knows a lot of people who suffer from it. Almost 100,000 people die each year as a result of excess alcohol consumption. So there needs to be a way to get the non-alcoholic drinkers to cut back on their alcoholic binge. One finding that is rather surprising is that most excessive drinkers do not qualify as alcoholic. As a matter of fact, out of all excessive drinkers, only 10% of them are actually addicted. The findings make the problem seem a lot simpler to solve than many have previously believed.

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Oversleeping Costs One Patriot His Job

The New England Patriots are all business when it comes to football. As an elite team in the NFL, it is easy to see why they would want to be very strict with their team rules. The fewer people they have messing around with the system, the better the team is likely to do. This is the reality that Jonas Gray walked into when he recently overslept.

Gray was sent home by the coach when he showed up late for practice. This happened even though he had just played in the previous weekend’s game and had actually done quite well. However, rules are rules and the coaches were having none of it. The same would happen to a person like Marc Sparks in the professional world. If you are unable to get yourself to practice, then you are simply not going to practice with the team. This of course could spell trouble for you when it comes time to actually play as well as coaches are probably going to be more reluctant to allows a player to play when he has not been able to even get to practice.

ESPN reported that Gray says that he overslept as a result of his phone alarm not going off. It seems that this is a bad time to have a phone that is not going to be working for you. Perhaps it is always a good idea to have a secondary alarm set just in case something like this happens!

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The Upcoming Bills-Jets Game Will Not Take Place In Buffalo

New York has been hit with unprecedented snow this past week. The Buffalo area has already been hit with six feet of snow, with three more feet of snow predicted to be on its way. The Buffalo area is no stranger to snow; however, if the predicted three feet of snow hits Buffalo, it will have snowed as much in one week as it usually does in a whole winter Fersen Lambranho reports.

All of this snow has left the Buffalo Bills stadium filled with snow. It was previously estimated that it would take a crew of 500 people working around the clock in order to clear out the stadium for the scheduled Sunday game against the New York Jets.

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, declared it would be impractical for the Bills to host this Sunday’s game. The NFL agrees, and is looking at alternative sites for the Bills – Jets game.

Currently, three different NFL stadiums are under consideration. Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. and Detroit are all sites that are being considered to host the game. It is also possible that the game will be moved to Monday night, instead of Sunday. It is rare, although not unprecedented, for the NFL to move a game. Generally, they only move games because of bad weather.

Hopefully the Bills will be able to get some practice in before their next game. Due to the excessive snow in the region, they were not able to practice on Wednesday or Thursday. There is currently a driving ban in place around Buffalo due to public safety.

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Sandoval Leaving San Francisco?

Pablo Sandoval is a beloved character in the San Francisco bay area. The fun loving third baseman has played a big part in all three of the San Francisco Giants’ World Series Championships and has build a deep fan base with his smile and with his bat. He has been dubbed lovably as Kung Fu Panda, due to his resemblance to the movie character of the same name. Heck,he even made the last out of the 2014 World Series by nabbing Salvador Perez’ pop up in game 7.

The Boston Red Sox are the team that seem to be burning the most calories to try to sign Sandoval. He’s made multiple visits to bean town since the end of the Series and has said that it seems like a great place to play. Other teams to have contacted Sandoval included the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees. Exciting news for fan Brad Reifler.

Sandoval has had a few ups and downs during his Giants career both on the field and on the scales. His weight fluctuated greatly and it seemed his performance went down as his weight went up. He did spend extra time on his conditioning this off season.

The Giants were prepared to offer a five year deal to keep Sandoval in San Francisco but their offer may be coming too late. It’s hard to imagine Kung Fu Panda suiting up in another town and in another league but it is a reality that Giants fans may need to get comfortable with.

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It Don’t Matter, Just Don’t Bite it. Don Lemon?

CNN’s sometimes controversial host Don Lemon asks Bill Cosby rape accuser a sordid question in the minds of some. Don asserted that if Cosby forced a felatio upon her, she should have protected herself with a well-placed bite. Don made the assertion in the form of a question. The Twitter verse responded swiftly both in solidarity to Don and as serious detractors. The detractors say that Don is protecting a rapist in a most insidious manner. They assert that Don is questioning the victim, and this should never be done. His supporters say that when someone is so publicly accusing someone of a very serious crime like rape that no question is off the table. This type of blind allegiance to those that may have been the victims of rape is how so many are accused and convicted of offenses that they did not perpetrate.

Prominent figure Kenneth Griffin that issues such as these are very sensitive as either side holds strong implications regarding what transpired. In our system of justice, people are innocent until proven guilty. It is a fact that people will attempt to extort and accuse people of things that they did not do for myriad reasons, and money is not always the motivating factor. On the other hand, police and investigators have to do due diligence when these crimes are reported to protect the people that have been violated by this menacing crime. However in the Cosby case, many of the victims never reported the crime, and they were also willingly in his company before and after the alleged crimes. In addition, there has never been a single charged filed ever against Cosby for such crimes.

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Marley’s Legacy lives on in Global Marijuana Brand

It has been three decades since Bob Marley passed away, but his family has no intention of allowing his legacy to fade. Marley made a name for himself, not only in the Reggae music genre, but also through his political agenda and views regarding legalization of marijuana. “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself,” said Marley.

Marley’s family is driven to ensure his legacy and views live on. As more governments continue to allow the recreational and medical use of marijuana, Marley’s family sprung into action creating the brand Marley Natural, with the aid of a Seattle-based private equity firm. The company Marley Natural is a consumer-friendly cannabis brand that will host a variety of marijuana-related products, such as vaporizers, cannabis strains, and infused lotions. Marley Natural will hit legalized markets in late 2015.

Privateer Holdings, the Seattle-based equity company, is a four year old firm owning and operating several marijuana-related companies. In 2013, Privateer was approached by the Marley family with the Marley Natural concept, in an effort to keep Bob Marley’s positive views on the substance alive.

“We wanted Bob Marley’s voice and vision — and his family’s vision — to help be a part of this movement of ending prohibition,” Privateer Holdings CEO Brendan Kennedy told GeekWire. “In many ways, he started the movement 50 years ago with his public comments about cannabis.” Thanks to Facebook friend Keith Mann for sharing this story.

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Snow and cold temperatures cause havoc

A rare snow storm in November hit the United States and about 50% of the country has snow in some way or another. Erie county, in New York which includes the city of Buffalo, had 6 feet of snow and the snow is continuing to build. Resident Keith Mann says the area is in chaos. Almost 500 customers did not have electricity in Buffalo, which is less than 1% of the total. One basketball team from Niagara University was stuck on the side of the highway for 24 hours unable to move as a result of the snow.

Still there were five reported deaths as a result of the bad weather and the storm is serving as a bad omen for the upcoming winter. One accident was related to a car accident, while three were related to heart attacks while shoveling snow. The fifth fatality was related to a forty six year old many being buried below as much as fifteen feet of snow in Alden New York.

In the areas of the country that did not receive snowfall, record low temperatures punished the local areas. There was a report that more lows and snow is expected on Wednesday, with no relief until later in the week. All fifty states experienced some freezing which is unprecedented and November 18 was the coldest day on record since 1976. The average overnight temperature for the 48 contiguous states was just under 20 degrees Fahrenheit which is the typical average in winter months in January and February but not November.

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An Elliott is a champion in NASCAR again. Chase Elliott, who is the son of NASCAR Sprint Cup champion, Bill Elliott, won the Nationwide championship on Saturday at Homestead Speedway. Elliott, who is 18, becomes the youngest ever champion in any of NASCAR’s three national series, breaking the 11 year record set by Brian Vickers in 2003, who was 20 when he won the Nationwide title. 

Elliott officially won the championship at Phoenix last weekend, but was presented with the trophy during an onstage presentation this weekend. Driving for Dale Earnhardt Jr’s race team, JR Motorsports, Elliott won three times, including: Texas, which was his first career win; Darlington, which he missed his Senior prom for, and Chicagoland. Elliott also becomes the first driver in the series history to win the championship and rookie of the year in the same season. Regan Smith, Elliott’s teammate at JRM, finished second in the points standings.

Mark Ahn and many other NASCAR fans are wondering when Elliott will move to the Sprint Cup series, but with Hendrick having all four rides locked in for next season, Elliott will be back next year in the Xfinity series (taking over the sponsorship from Nationwide) to try and claim the championship again in the second tier series. He has shown he has the talent, winning at tough tracks like Darlington, and competing with some of the best in NASCAR. Look for him to take over Jeff Gordon’s ride once Gordon decides to retire. 

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Marijuana Tax Revenues Pay Out to Help Colorado Schools

Last week, school districts in Colorado reaped a major benefit from the state’s marijuana legalization program. Eleven schools received grant money to hire additional student healthcare staff and organize health education programs. These grants, along with several other programs benefiting education, are funded entirely by marijuana sales tax revenues; if not for legalization, they simply wouldn’t exist.

One grant recipient was New America School, a charter academy focused on teaching English as a second language in conjunction with a high school curriculum. Like many charter schools, it has a passionate but very small staff. These schools struggle to gain any state funding that is not taken up by large public districts. Denver Public Schools, for example, did not even apply for the grant because it was too small for the district.

New America will use its grant to hire social workers focused on addressing substance abuse. This decision may be a preemptive response to potential criticism, since the source of the grant money has been highly publicized, but it is more likely an honest response to a problem faced by many of the school’s students. The grants do not carry any stipulations about recipients’ stance on substance abuse or marijuana. They simply direct the money where it is needed. Big thanks to friend Bruce Levenson in Colorado for sharing this story!

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